Lori Kershner for Springboro City Council

Like many of you I suffer from a condition known as interested-in-politics-itis. Over the years, my condition has made it increasingly more difficult to talk with friends and family, as the aptly-named elephant in the room looms over every movie critique and choice of beverage. It has reached the point where interacting with my neighbors is a brief affair out of fear they might perceive me to be a member of the opposing team.

As the name of this blog implies, I have sought to remedy my situation by focusing on open government. This has not been an easy solution as its visionary ideals fail to resonate with those of us living in the Age of Networked Information. We don’t think about our Government in terms of information and networks, but as a competition between two warring factions which generally fail to represent our own personal interests.

When I first learned of Lori Kershner and her campaign for Ward 1 of the Springboro City Council, I must admit that I looked at her through the lens of competition and perceived her to be slightly right of center. But after reading her views “On the Issues,” I saw something that I haven’t seen in any other election. Not a fight between who’s wrong and who’s right, but a strategic plan of action which focuses on cooperation and community building.

Thanks to her responses on the Dayton Daily News Voter’s Guide, I discovered that her experience in government comes from working for the Ohio House of Representatives and the Office of the Secretary of State, as well as her current business as a lobbyist through LMK Advocacy where she has worked with organizations such as the Children’s Medical Center and “The Big 3” auto manufacturers to help ensure the passage of key legislation.

In subsequent blog posts [here and here] I plan to look more closely at the each of the issues on her campaign website, but for now I hope to leave you with the same vision of government that Lori inspired in me. Take a look at Ward 1 and see the house numbers on the streets within the Ward she hopes to serve. Those are the people on your team. It doesn’t matter whether we live on the left or right side of the road. What matters is that the government represents the people.

If I have failed to break down the barriers of our political divide, take a closer look at Lori Kershner in order to see the difference between her message and the battles we’re currently witnessing both on the national stage and within our school district. I’m proud to call myself a supporter as I see in her the government that our Forefathers had envisioned: of the people, by the people, and for the people of the City of Springboro, Ohio.

2 thoughts on “Lori Kershner for Springboro City Council

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  2. It is nice that you are following Lori’s campaign but have you also researched her opponent. It seams to me that she doesn’t really know what city council has or hasn’t done, many of her facts are incorrect. Did you know she plans to abandon her 4 year city council seat in 2 years to run for a state office. She is running for council because she needs to be able to say she has held a public office. Should the good people of Springboro be a stepping stone? I think they deserve better than that!!!

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