Restoring Confidence in Springboro Schools

A recent blog post by David Petroni, an elected member of the Springboro School Board, left me wondering why the Board is having trouble restoring confidence in Springboro?

To be sure, the continued attempts by the Board at teaching Creationism in public schools has done little to sell their Children’s First budgeting, which on the surface appears to be a means of replacing Unions with Religion. But the fact that he and his fellow Board members are creating a “Conservative Alternative” for public schools tells me that he knows how to create confidence but has yet to connect it to the Springboro Community.

Take a look at the Ohio School Boards Legislative Council and marvel not only at the clarity of their vision, but the number of YouTube videos, workshops, and other public events. Then imagine instead of engaging their community, they made themselves available for public comments, published their decisions, and explained their rationale on a blog.

What’s missing from the second scenario which defines the first is their connection to the community. This provides their intended audience with a clear understanding of what they’re offering, alongside the ability to not only provide feedback, but to discuss the alternatives in an open forum.

Building confidence with your customers in this day and age requires this level of personal engagement with your entire community of stakeholders, from the CEO down to your prospects. So why the disconnect with the Springboro Community?

While much of my ramblings on Open Springboro include a variety of 21st century buzzwords, there is much more to learn from meeting your constituents face to face in an open forum. I would invite David Petroni as he heads in the direction of restoring confidence to look at the success of the OSBLC and start planning a few workshops in our community.

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