A Strategic Plan for Springboro Community Schools

Nearly two years ago the San Carlos School District held a series of meetings with all of their constituents, including parents, teachers, superintendents, and board members to develop a strategy for a 21st century public education system.

The resulting plan, which has recently been released, has generated little controversy within their local community. While many of the residents work in Silicon Valley, it’s possible that their views are much more homogenized than Springboro. However, I would argue that a plan which everyone had a hand in creating causes substantially less strife than the mandates handed down by the board.

As a nearly 20 year veteran of the tech industry, I can assure you that their plan is largely a string of buzzwords which I use quite often, like design thinking and blended learning, the latter of which has already been approved by the Springboro School Board. In fact, just today an email was sent to Springboro Parents informing us of a new curriculum for sixth through eighth graders which focuses on many of the buzzwords used in the San Carlos strategic plan.

What’s more important than the buzzwords or the technology which enable them is the absolute necessity to teach our children how to learn. The only reason why I know all of those buzzwords is because I learned them using technology and then practiced them in the real world. By comparison, many of my colleagues suffer from having their heads down, assuming they know all they needed to learn in school.

Given that much of the San Carlos strategic plan is in alignment with the actions of our own school board, I have taken the liberty of “forking it” (to use a word I learned recently) so that we might employ it throughout our own school district. Assuming that there will be many points of contention, as it didn’t originate from within, I’ve added a discussion panel to the page in order to allow us to talk about it as a community.


What do you think about the strategic plan? Let me know in the comments below.

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