Springboro Tea Party Bill of Rights Rally

Just got back from attending the Springboro Tea Party rally to Reaffirm the Bill of Rights, and while I may not agree with his politics, I am certainly a fan of the civic spirit that has driven its founder Sonny Thomas to challenge more people to get involved with their local governance.

Listening to some of the speakers, along with friends, family and colleagues who have expressed those same sentiments, is helpful in the sense that they challenge some of the long-standing beliefs that I’ve held with respect to the left-right paradigm in American politics. But here’s where it gets troublesome for me as many of their grievances, including GMO’s and drones, are shared by both sides of the political divide, while others like Workplace Freedom and Charter Schools show that both sides rail against choice when it contradicts what they believe in.

Once the rain started to pour and Sonny invited everyone to come up on stage for a more intimate rally with the speakers, I decided to take my leave as the agenda left little room for local solutions other than calling your Representative and demanding that we return to the gold standard.

As with every issue that the residents of Springboro are currently facing, I don’t want to take sides so much as find a way for more people to get involved in the debate and take back control over their local government. Unfortunately, I still find myself underprepared to showcase how local citizens can do just that, mainly because such systems have yet to come online in our community.

Without open access to our Government, I fear our only recourse is to continue throwing similar rallies in parks and out front of the halls of our Representatives, but given the lack of support that the Tea Party members of the School Board showed the members of their own network, I can only wonder what the alternatives to the two party system would do if they got into power?

Would Independents truly represent the people any better, or once they found themselves on the Board or within the hallowed halls they’ve railed against, would they simply enact their own private agendas and dismiss the outcries as coming from those who don’t understand what’s best for them?

I can only hope that one day soon the residents of Springboro will understand the difference between yet-another elected official with a “big idea for the future” and the opportunities that Open Government affords us all.

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