The Launch of the Metropolitan Revolution

The Brookings Institution launched the Metropolitan Revolution with the release of their book and the start of a coast-to-coast tour promoting the rise of local communities. Their website features a number of explanatory videos that focus on the failures of federal and state governments in the wake of the financial collapse, and the successes in towns all across America to connect their residents on a global scale.

While many in the tech industry refer to these connections as community networks, I see the answer to what local residents more commonly refer to as smaller government. Instead of waiting for the government to come in and save their towns, communities are banding together with local businesses and universities to drive innovation and empower residents to solve their own problems. That’s what smaller government is all about.

What is oftentimes missing from these conversations is the focus on the metropolitan area over their surrounding suburbs. But a glimpse into the Metropolitan Revolution reveals a perspective of our major cities as the heart of a much wider community. In thinking about our community in the Cincinnati-Dayton corridor, I believe the Springboro could be well positioned to thrive in this new networked economy.

Check out their video below and let me know if you have any ideas on how Springboro could participate in the Metropolitan Revolution.

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